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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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14 May 2018

Discover the nominees to Innovert, the contest that rewards the innovations of the flowers and plants, retail and landcaping sectors.

Innovert2018_nominees_UK60 entries have been nominated to participate in the Innovert contest. This competition rewards the innovations of the flowers and plants, retail and landcaping sectors. Discover the new products:
- Category New plant
- Category Commercial plant innovation
- Category Production
- Category Distribution / Floristry
- Category Green Spaces


A selection committee composed of experts

60 novelties, among more than 50 companies, have been selected end of April by a preselection committee. Composed of experts from different fields of the industry, it have worked to discuss and select the entries that participate in the competition. These innovations will be displayed on the Innovert stand (Hall 2) and are promoted with a communication campaign (e-mailing, web, social networks, press).
Committee members: Patrick ABADIE (FNMJ - TRUFFAUT) - Jean CHAPRON (LES JARDINS D'ARTOIS) - Alain DELAVIE (RUSTICA SA) - Jean-Marc DEOGRATIAS (ASTREDHOR) - Maud DUBOIS (BHR) - Thierry DUTEUIL (HORTIS) - Jocelyn FOUCHER (BHR) - Sébastien GUILLET (AGROCAMPUS OUEST) - Jacques MOREAU (Photographe horticole) - Pascal NAUD (SEVE NANTES)

A high-profile jury and a special evening

The day before the fair, Monday 18 June, a high-profile jury will meet to decide the winners that will be unveiled on Tuesday 19 June, first day of the fair. The composition of this jury will be announced shortly... The Tuesday evening is dedicated to the award ceremony. The winners will be called to the stage to get their prize. This ceremony will be led by Carole Tolila, a French famous TV-presenter.

Innovert is organised with the sponsor of: