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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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Employment/training center

In partnership with APECITA


In 2018, a sector given over entirely to training and jobs will be located in hall 3: the Training/Jobs sector. It targets all the industry professions: production, landscaping, commerce, retail and floristry. A special all-inclusive package comprising a fully fitted stand at an affordable price is available to enable the establishments and firms concerned to take part in the event. Among them: schools, professional high schools, CFA, MFR, APECITA, temp agencies, recruitment firms, employer groupings, etc.

The aim of this area and its various events is to:

- Promote jobs for qualifying students: job speed-dating by Apecita, Jobs Market (Luçon Pétré), apprenticeship speed-dating, work-linked learning speed-dating.

- Promote the takeover of existing businesses: horti-dating (Arfho, Chambre Régional d’Agriculture des Pays de la Loire, BHR).

- Highlight trades in the industry: MAF Paysage & Fleuristerie regional qualifiers, landscaping design competitions (Battles - MFR), floristry demonstration workshops, Merchandising & Innovation/design areas, roundtables, workshops.

- Network qualified students: maintain links with former students, boost relations between current and past qualified students, align diplomas with the professional world, promote functional or professional mobility, canvass for apprenticeship tax contributions.

- Promote training: work-linked training (CAP, BTS, Licence Pro, business school), ongoing vocational training, training for adults.