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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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27 Jun 2018 For its first edition, the Green Boutique contest revealed 8 participants from all over France.
They are hairdressers, bistro owners, booksellers, florists or even urban gardeners... They operate in metropolitan France and in the heart of the city. Their passion has led them to join forces or embark on a new form of trade that puts plants within the reach of urbanites. Their original plant displays attract the city dweller with whom they share their passion by offering "gardening activities" in their shops... They now want to make their approach better known.
The Green Boutique contest is organized by Garden_FabLab in partnership with the Salon du Végétal and Undergreen.


For its first edition, the contest was a great success with more than 10 entries. In total, only 8 candidates were selected because they met all the criteria for participation in the contest.
See below the names of the 8 contenders for the trophy:
- HYPPAIRS concept store // Lyon 1st
- AŸ CACTUS // Paris 3rd
- L'ŒIL VÉGÉTAL // Lyon 2nd
- JANE // Nantes
- BOTANIK CONCEPT // Périgueux
- CONCEPT-STORE CUB // Paris 10e
- ATELIER CARMIN // Paris 14e

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And it is BOTANIK CONCEPT, concept store plant, coffee-bar and urban garden center in Périgueux (Dordogne), which was chosen by a jury composed of 9 members as being the Green Boutique of the year. This jury was composed of journalists, trendsetters, bloggers and professionals from the plant world.
With a creation more than one year ago in May 2017, this very young company combines the coffee and the garden, that is to say the urban and the vegetable to develop a unique atmosphere. 
Apart from the coffee, wine bar and artisanal beer bar, you can find the sale of gardens under glass, exotic plants, cacti, succulents, gardening accessories, seeds, soil and decorative items.

3 rue de l'ancien hôtel de ville
24000 Périgueux
05 53 54 88 20 //
Facebook : @botanikconcept