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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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Innovative plant design area

Discover surprising concepts and innovative objects which make planting easier. This is at the heart of our lives.

Innovative Plant Design Area: design serving conviviality and the geranium

Salonduvegetal3Young designers will use the theme of conviviality to come up with innovative concepts and solutions in terms of design showcasing plants and flowers. Whether destined for the public space, private areas or the retail outlet, the prototypes created by design students in the BTS Product Design class at Jean Monnet high school (Les Herbiers - 85) are intended to take visitors by surprise.
In 2018, the concepts now include POS advertising and information, two essential sales aids, along with advice on staging concepts in bricks and mortar outlets (communication media, decoration, atmosphere, etc.).
And to add an extra challenge, the designs must all centre on… the geranium! A flower seen as commonplace, suffering from its “grandmotherly” image, the humble geranium still has many assets and qualities to offer consumers: a wide range of uses, abundant flowering, resistant to heat, etc.

2 trophies will be awarded at the fair:
- Trophy for “A new look at plants” awarded by a jury of professionals.
- ”Visitor’s Choice” award decided by the votes cast by visitors, who are invited to vote at the stand. Voting is open all day Tuesday and on Wednesday until 2 pm.


This part of the Salon du Végétal takes place thanks to a partnership with BTS Product Design from the school «Lycée 
J. Monnet» (Les Herbiers (85), France).


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