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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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Innovert contest

Innovert is the innovation showcase of the flower and plant, gardening and landscaping sectors.
With the sponsor of Val’hor.

2018 NOMINEES and winners

Innovert-trophee_3New products contest: register your novelties (deadline 15 March 2018)

Before, during and after the show, professionals of the sector have a great interest in the novelties Innovert contest. These products enjoy widespread coverage in the trade and mass market media. It represents a perfect opportunity to promote your products and your brand.
Download the presentation & rules
In 2018, the Innovert contest stand will take place in the middle of the hall 2, becoming an inescapable crossing point. In this new open space, it will showcase all the winning products as well as the selected products.

Roll-up-seul5 categories to promote innovations

The Innovert Novelties contest rewards the novelties and innovations of the plant & flower, gardening and landscaping sectors.
The contest is made up of 5 categories:
- New plant for new cultivar, new species
- Commercial innovation in plants for plants marketing concepts.
- Production (technical innovations, new materials and new inputs)
- Retail / Floristry (decoration, tools, equipment, crop supports, packaging, etc.)
- Landscaping (materials, decoration, outdoor products, etc.)

The stages of the contest are...

1. Fill in and send us sheet #4 of the application to register for the Salon du Végétal, before 1 March 2018. Upon receipt of it, we will send you an email with a link to fill in an online application form.
2. Fill in the online application form before 15 March 2018, along with high-definition pictures.
3. During April, a selection committee made up of members of the flower and plant, gardening and landscaping sectors will study your application. The study is carried out anonymously, i.e. the committee members have no knowledge of the names of the companies presenting the products.
4. Beginning of May, we will let you know whether or not your product has been selected to take part in the competition.
5. The day before the show (Monday 18 June 2018), a jury of members of the trade will work out the rankings and the prizes. The winners will be unveiled at the opening of the fair.
6. The prize award ceremony will take place on Tuesday 19 June during the afternoon.

A sustained communication plan of the Innovert contest to showcase your novelties

Innovert contest benefit from a sustained communication plan to highlight all the novelties selected and awarded:
- Innovert brochure and catalogue are freely displayed to the 10,000 visitors (production, retail, landscaping, local authorities, floristry)
- Special press kit sent to 600 French and foreign medias
- Press coverage, with more than 100 journalists
- Broadcast on the tradeshow website: photos, description, company promotion
- E-mailings campaigns that target professionals
- Social medias

A special evening to reward and showcase the winning products and companies

Tuesday evening is dedicated to the award ceremony of the Innovert contest. The winners are called to the stage to get their prize and present their product. It is a very expected time for medias, visitors and exhibitors. The winners receive a communication kit to highlight their awarded product.